Cleenish Field School 2

The second field school at Cleenish was organised around the completion of the geophysical survey and the opening of two test cuttings across features revealed in last year’s survey, including an enclosing fosse. Post-ex analysis is still under way, so these results are very preliminary. Topsoil (Ap(?) horizon) is thin across the two cuttings with


the result that there is very little horizontal stratigraphy over this side of the site. Instead, what was found, in addition to the enclosing fosse, was a number of shallow cut features, including a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAvery shallow burial. Although it was comparatively narrow and shallow, the diggers of the fosse  took full advantage of the quite steep slope at this side of the site to create an effective barrier to traffic from the river side. Spill from the inside (up-slope) lip of the fosse seems to indicate the former presence of a bank but further analysis will be needed to confirm this.


Students from France, Italy, Ireland, the UK and the USA participated, and thanks are due to the landowners, once again, for their patience and hospitality, and to the Historic Environment Division of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency: Built Heritage and the Enniskillen Castle Museums for providing temporary storage of finds and samples from the excavation. The School was directed by Dr Ros Ó Maoldúin, and the geophysical survey and training was by Dr Roseanne Schot. Funding was from the Andrew Mellon Foundation without whose support this project would not have achieved a legacy of international collaboration and friendships.

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