The objective of Dr. Breen’s project is to produce a fresh edition of Jonas of Bobbio, Vita S. Columbani I, from a select group of MSS and to prepare an annotated English translation for students of medieval history. The last critical edition was completed in 1905 and since then, an early and important manuscript has come to light. As a result, this work will re-examine the manuscript tradition and present a new Latin text with annotated English translation. Since this is the primary textual source for our knowledge of Columbanus and his world, this edition will be of fundamental importance to all subsequent scholarship on the saint.

To date, a complete collation of 20 MSS has been completed: 8 in full and another 12 in part. An annotated English translation, based upon that collation base, has also been completed. In addition to this, the source base of Jonas’ Vita has been expanded to include a wide range of biblical, patristic and Classical sources.

Image: Bridge at Bobbio by vale979

One Response to Manuscripts

  1. Kate says:

    I am very happy to hear that you are working on this very important project. Is there any news of when the work will be available?

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